Sharing Jesus

How we operate


Panama Mission relief is a 501c3 not for profit organization. We are funded through generous donations from individuals and organizations who partner with us to achieve shared mission oblectives.

Training seminars

PMR conducts multiple training seminars each year for new and existing churches. If you posess the necessary skills and would like to participate in these seminars, please go to the "Volunteer" page or contact us.

Mission trips

Church planting and training campaigns are held yearly. Intrested groups may apply on our "Volunteer" page.

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Serving God's Children


> Evangelism

> Leadership and Service training       seminars

> Church planting and organization.

> Humanitarian aid

> Counciling and asistance to   refugees from Nicaragua,   Colombia, and Venezuela.

> English Classes
for college   students and adults.

Please consider donating today, or  volunteer your time and skills.